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16 Ridiculous Facts That Turned Out to Be True

Every person likes to find out something new, unusual, and unexpected. However, we rarely think about how many interesting things are around us that we don't even notice.

Today Bright Side offers you a few unusual facts that you probably didn't know before.

The Chinese can't drink milk.

Pigeons "head-bob" when walking to stabilize the picture they see.

According to statistics, 1.6% of people can feel pain when they see someone else in pain.

When a patient gets a kidney transplant from another person, his or her own kidneys are left where they were.

In Norway, there is a king penguin that has an army rank. According to the guardsmen, the penguin always recognizes them, and he is always happy to see them.

In Switzerland, there is a law that prohibits keeping only one guinea pig as a pet.

Twins can have different fathers, and this phenomenon is called superfecundation. There are only 10 pairs of twins that have different fathers. One case is in Poland, another is in Spain, 2 are in the US, and 2 are in India.

In Japan, there are crabs with a scary pattern on the shell that looks like an angry face.

People with blue eyes appeared much later then ceramics were invented.

A paper cut is more painful than a regular cut because there is either very little blood or no blood at all, which leaves the nerve endings open to be disturbed by the air.

A bee can sting another bee. If an outsider tries to get inside a hive, special guardian bees release pheromones while other bees attack the intruder.

The closest descendant of Tyrannosaurus Rex that still lives today is a chicken.

An American psychologist proved in his research that the amount of hair on the body influences intelligence. The more hair you have, the smarter you are. In 1996, Dr. Aikarakudy Alias claimed that doctors and other well-educated people are more likely to have hair on their chest.

In Colombia, there is a multicolored river called Caño Cristales. It is famous because its water can be 5 different colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and black. A marvelous view!

Not only men have Adam's apples but also women. However, it's less prominent.

In 1973, the Japanese authorities decided to change the blue color in traffic lights to a shade of green. Now all local traffic lights are green, but human eyes still see this color as blue.

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