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16 Times When Professional Cleaning Gave Clients a Full Range of Emotions

Special staff clean hotels, offices, and public places, and many people hire them to save time cleaning the house. In both cases, there are some situations we can never forget: they can be cute (like when cleaners take care of your toys), or those that can make you really angry.

We at Bright Side hope that this article has enough positive examples to convince you to hire professionals to clean your place. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus about the attitude of pets toward cleaners.

“The way house cleaners left all of the rolls of toilet paper”

“My cleaning lady does this every week”

You have to be careful with what you say.

“Our cleaning lady makes a diorama of my plushies whenever she cleans my room.”

Cats should be able to help choose the right workers.

“Cleaning service left a flyer and envelope asking for a tip.”

“Who puts on a new roll like this? The cleaning lady at my work has been doing this ever since I worked here.”

“My cleaning lady has built him a bed — this is the way.”

Cleaners often don’t live up to our expectations.

“The way a cleaner left our tissue box”

Experienced cleaners know how to deal with arrogant clients.

  • I’ve worked for a cleaning company for 5 years. I clean apartments. I’ve worked for a lady for 3 years, it’s always been great. I’d never met her husband. But once, he came home after he had a hard day and started complaining: “All women only want money from men.” He started bragging about everything. I told him, “You have zero books and you wear underwear with holes.” This really knocked him down. © Podslushano / Ideer

“After housekeeping, they left a chocolate shaped like a vacuum cleaner in the hotel room.”

“My daughter is second in command of a very short-staffed, large nursing home. She is pitching in by doing housekeeping work.”

“She had her cart adapted to do both jobs at once. And yes, she is getting paid for both.”

When something really unexpected happens:

  • I work at an office but also work at my friend’s cleaning company. Once, I stayed at work late and didn’t have time to stop by my house to change clothes. So, I was washing the floors wearing my business suit. © Podslushano / Ideer

“My housekeeper knocked 2 expert-level, several-hundred-dollar Lego sets off the shelf and left without saying anything...”

“Cleaning is still the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Bonus: “A male cleaner got sent to our apartment and my cat decided to wait behind the curtain.”

Have you ever hired cleaners? How was the experience?

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