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16 Unexpected Things That Look Freakishly Similar to Each Other

It’s not only among our friends or the public figures we see on TV that we can find our counterparts every so often. Animals and random everyday items also seem to have much more in common with people than we imagine.

We at Bright Side present you with 16 hilarious cases where completely unrelated things happen to resemble each other.

This cat and a roast chicken

Justin Timberlake’s hair and instant noodles

This baby and this dog

This owl and an apple

This puppy and a teddy bear

This phone case and the lady’s outfit

The Burj Khalifa and the rip on this stocking

This dog and the towel under his head

This painting of Van Gogh and Chuck Norris

This candle holder and Patrick Star

This Roman statue and Elvis

This potato and a seal

A fire hydrant and this boy

This piece of bacon and a dolphin

These chocolate croissants and a baby sloth

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