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17 Genius Tricks From People Who Can Boast of Their Incredible Minds

Most everyday problems have a simple solution if you just get a little bit creative. Don’t believe us? The people in this compilation make the most of their imagination and they don’t have to deal with the difficulties that most others still struggle with.

We at Bright Side absolutely adore people who can be creative not only when it comes to art, but also when it’s about very different everyday situations. Prepare a pen and a piece of paper: you will definitely want to write down some of the tips from this article!

17. If you don’t have the right size wrench, you can solve this problem by using a coin.

16. A frozen, saturated sponge in a bag makes an icepack that won’t drip all over when it melts.

15. In order to attach a poster to the wall and not ruin the wallpaper with push pins, just use a safety pin and a small magnet.

14. Use different colored inserts to easily tell the difference between the left and the right earpieces.

13. Prone to pickpockets? Check out this simple sanitary napkin hack and save your money everywhere you go. If you put money into something like this, nobody will steal it.

12. If you have a broken laptop hinge, use a photo frame as a temporary solution.

11. Use white nail polish to make stamped-in tool markings easier to read.

10. Most electric coil stove tops lift up so you can clean underneath.

9. Hot glue a couple of magnets to your drill as a handy place to keep screws while you’re working.

8. When hanging something with 2 hooks, use painters tape and a level to get the exact markings on the wall. Hammer in your nails, and peel away the tape!

7. Use garbage bags to easily pack your clothing that’s on hangers before moving.

6. Toaster not working? No problem! Use the stove!

5. Drilling a hole in a ceiling? This saves you from the dust and debris flying around the room and getting inside your eyes.

4. If you like to eat watermelons with a spoon, you can use this trick so you don’t need a separate plate for the seeds.

3. Do you need to tenderize meat, but you don’t have a special tool? Improvise! You just need a regular hammer and a fork!

2. And this is a great way to visualize how to rearrange the furniture in your room.

1. You might not believe this, but it really works. The effect probably won’t last long, but it will work in emergency cases.

What tricks will you definitely use? Maybe you can add your own life hacks to this list?

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