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20+ Pics That Prove Life Is a Series of Surprises Waiting to Be Revealed

According to research, taking photos helps us enjoy positive experiences even more because it increases our engagement. And besides improving the moment, a photo is the perfect way to remember the good old times and our favorite people whenever we want. Some might even argue that discovering sweet, but unfamiliar pictures can be more exciting because we can never know what story we’ll uncover by looking at images that don’t belong to us.

Bright Side believes that photos are the quickest way to add a spark of brightness and positivity to our day. Here are 21 pics that can add an instantaneous smile to your face.

1. ’’My dad and me, 50 years apart’’

2. ’’She saw her face and couldn’t be happier.’’

3. He finally got his new wheelchair after 13 years of waiting!

4. “I saw this guy when I was in South Africa last week.”

5. “Kramer is an unconventional father.”

6. “My son has been feeding a family of strays.”

7. “I found this monkey sleeping on a dog’s back.”

8. “My cousin’s little chameleon holding a LEGO coffee mug”

9. “My cousins adopted a baby opossum.”

10. “My cats have a cuddle every day.”

11. “My coworker found this tiny little guy outside our office building.”

12. “My cousin and dog after a big holiday dinner”

13. “My dog, Tortilla, and my flower”

14. “My daughter holding her baby sister for the first time”

15. “I found him snuggled inside my pillow.”

16. “They fell asleep in her lap within 5 minutes.”

17. “7 months and 97 years old, my son meeting his great-great-granny”

18. “My son Slater clearly has better dreams than I do.”

19. ’’My dog just gave birth to seven’’

20. ’’Still with my crush...17 years and 4 kids later’’

21. ’’My son and me’’

Do you enjoy taking photos? Share with us your favorite snap.

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