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17 Photos Proving That Nature Will Never Run Out of Ways to Amaze Us

Going for a walk in the park or watching a beautiful sunset sounds like a great relaxing activity for many of us. However, it can be more than that: researchers also claim that people saw an actual improvement in their health after having spent 120 minutes or more per week outside. And as a pleasant bonus, you also have the chance to stumble upon something unique, like a gradient formed by leaves or a cactus growing on the wall.

We at Bright Side know that Mother Nature still has a lot of surprises for us. That’s why we’d like to share some people’s amazing finds.

1. “My littlest dude standing at the base of a sequoia in the Giant Forest.”

2. “A giant lemon off our tree”

3. “These leaves forming a perfect gradient!”

4. “One of my chickens laid a spherical egg.”

5. “The perfect sandy beach”

6. The colors on this phalaenopsis orchid

7. “A strawberry in glitch panoramic mode”

8. “This tiny lizard I found in Florida”

9. A bulb of garlic that turned out to be one clove

10. “A cactus grew through the retaining wall.”

11. “This acorn that looks like a little hedgehog”

12. “I have a giant pinecone.”

13. “A tree monster with mushroom teeth found at a house viewing in Illinois”

14. “My mint grew in a zig-zag.”

15. A pink rainbow during a sunrise

16. A giant puffball mushroom from Wisconsin

17. This tree looks like a creepy Halloween decoration.

Which photo impressed you the most? What was the most unique thing you’ve seen in nature?

Preview photo credit gogingerpower / Reddit
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