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17 Photos That Explain the Passage of Time Better Than Words

Time flies without us even noticing it: seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, and hours become days and years. So, before you know it, a small kitten that used to fit into the palm of your hand grows into a well-fed cat, and boots that you seemingly bought just a couple of days ago are ready to celebrate their coming of age. These are simply the marks that time leaves behind.

“My mom in 1966 and today — she’s still rocking the same shirt 55 years later.”

A new water filter vs the one after a year of use

“The sleeping eye mask that I’ve used for 2 years vs the same thing that I haven’t used until today”

30-year-old Dr. Martens vs new ones

“My cat’s favorite 2-year-old ball vs her new one”

These jeans are 30 years old. You can see their original color under the label.

This is what 12 years of wear did to these sneakers.

“On the right is the Hall teapot my grandparents received as a wedding gift in 1947, and on the left is the same teapot that has never been used.”

A new broom vs an old one

“The wife’s parents: 50 years together today, hats off.”

This is what 8 years of sun bleaching did to this heavy blanket covering a window.

“33 years of sleeping with it every night and as a kid taking it everywhere. My husband found a new one for me. I cried like a baby.”

“I purchased my first and only pair of Crocs in 2002. We’ve been through 6 countries, 4 lakes, 4 beaches and countless memories. I purchased new ones 20 years later.”

A menstrual cup after 5 years of use compared to a new one

“My husband’s decade-old computer chair vs a new one in the same model that I’m surprising him with tonight”

“My blanket when it was new vs 41 years later”

“Same teddy bear, 30 years apart”

“My dad bought 2 and squirreled one away, and he gave it to me when my wife and I got home from the hospital yesterday. I had honestly forgotten that this is what mine used to look like.”

Are there any other things around you that show the passage of time? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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