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17 Pics That Will Grab Your Heart and Run Away

In 2020, 1.43 trillion photos were taken, and 90.9% of them were captured using mobile phones. And even though our phone gallery might be full of pictures, only a few of them are worth keeping forever. And looking at them many years later can feel like traveling through time.

Beware, because we at Bright Side made a compilation of pics that are just waiting to steal your heart.

1. Father and daughter snoozing the same way 34 years apart.

2. “My father and I in 1980, and my son and I in 2018.”

3. “Tears came with this, but also a gigantic smile. This little girl has been a life changer since the day we met.”

The note says: You may not have given me life, but you sure have made my life better. Thank you for loving me as your own.

4. “My dog looking after my wife after a hip surgery. She usually runs around all day, but since surgery, she won’t leave her side.”

5. “Gave mom a blanket I made from dad’s shirts. This is her first Xmas without him since he passed in January 2021.”

6. “My dad’s wedding band had been missing since his death in July 2020. Last night my son found it in the cushions of dad’s favorite chair.”

7. “My sister rescued this baby girl and gave her new ears.”

8. “Um, you have a small human under your shirt... don’t know if you knew that.”

9. And the prize for the best selfie of the year goes to Cat!

10. “My Mamaw was diagnosed with dementia, which caused her to ‘forget’ she’s schizophrenic.”

“For the first time, she can hold her great-grandchildren.”

11. “My doggy, first night with us as a puppy, and 7 years later — same bed.”

12. “At 5 months old, my son already has the best school photo ever.”

13. “My beagle turned 16 today. Had her since she was born.”

14. “Tried to take a couple of cute pics while snuggling with my cat, Bradley. Bradley had other plans.”

15. “This is my baby now.”

16. “Wishing I kept that momentum.”

17. “My daughter seeing her mother for the first time 2 minutes after birth”

Do you love to take pictures? Send us your favorite in the comment section.

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