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18 Coincidences That Prove Life Is Ready to Surprise Us at Any Moment

Even those of us who don’t believe in destiny or chance can sometimes find themselves in a situation they have no explanation for. A taxi driver can look exactly like you, but at a different weight, or you can become famous overnight because you look just like the main character of a popular cartoon. These uncanny “glitches” of the Universe might just make us believe that coincidences are not random.

Here at Bright Side we doubted our own eyesight when we saw these pics, and now it’s your turn to check them out!

1. “I work in a kitchen. You have no idea how many people say, ‘You look like the guy from Ratatouille.’ Every darn minute.”

2. “My Uber driver was a slimmer, cooler, mustached version of myself.”

3. Have you ever happened to meet your doppelgänger?

4. “My friend opened 2 fortune cookies in a row.”

5. “My girlfriend met her doppelgänger and found out they have mountain tattoos in the same spot.”

6. “My socks almost match the color scheme of my shoes.”

7. “Found friend’s unknown twin at a music festival.”

8. An art gallery is a nice place to meet your look-alike, isn’t it?

9. “On the left: Scene from the first season of Stranger Things, set in 1983. On the right: Me, wearing the exact same shirt in 1983.”

10. “We matched the sofas.”

11. “My friend showed up to the bar wearing the same tank top as the bartender and immediately challenged him to an arm wrestle. The whole place went nuts.”

12. “My boyfriend and I discovered we have matching photos as TMNT-obsessed preschoolers.”

13. Copy-paste

14. “The first time my friend visited my apartment she was mind-blown that my shower curtain looked ‘exactly’ like one of her shirts. I half-seriously said that her story sounded made up and promptly forgot about it until she returned the following week to demonstrate.”

15. A perfect match

16. “My cat has the same colors as my parent’s rug.”

17. “Invisible” flip flops

18. Thanks to glitches in the matrix, you can even have a video conference with “yourself.”

Have you ever met your doppelgänger or seen a coincidence that made you believe the Universe had a glitch? Did you manage to take a picture? We’d be glad to see your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit fuzzysalad / Reddit
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