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18 People Who Just Can’t Do Their Job Right


Everyone sometimes fails at work — you’ll probably agree that even minor problems like mistakes in documents or missed deadlines can not only affect results but also spoil your mood. However, there are some people whose work failures are so impressive that they get revealed on the Internet and become famous there.

Sometimes, you just want to complain about a failed job online, and we at Bright Side understand the authors of the photos who do just that.

— “Got a countertop installed...”


— “This looks like a glitch from The Sims.”

“When the tiger shark you were photographing swims off with your equipment”

When someone decided that coloring the water in the fountain yellow would be a good idea:

“I ordered sneakers online and was sent only one right shoe. They ’fixed’ the issue...”

“The new guy tried to empty the fryer grease into a plastic bucket.”

When you fail at work, you should do it to the fullest.

“I clean pools. Today, I knocked one of the huge potted plants into the water.”

“I paid good money to bring order to my lawn...”

“The way McDonald’s put my fries in the bag”

Why would you even need such a litter box?

This looks convenient.

“Thanks to the delivery guy for ’hiding’ my parcel near my house so that no one would steal it.”

“I ordered a car filter. I doubt that it’ll suit my car looking like this.”

“An umbrella with holes — genius!”

“Someone packed my paper like this.”

Buzz Lightyear isn’t the same anymore...

“The carpet my mom painted on the floor”

“A cable guy drilled a hole in the wall and it went through a closet, a guitar case, and right into the expensive Martin HD-28V guitar.”

What’s the most memorable work fail that happened to you or your friends?

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