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18 People Who Made It Through School Life in One Piece and Lived to Tell the Tale

School is an important and transformational part of a child’s life, but that doesn’t make the daily “9 to 3” any easier. To be perfectly blunt, school can be tough and exhausting... and hilarious to watch... all at the same time.

We at Bright Side want to salute all the students out there by sharing these funny stories about kids who were just trying to make the grade.

  • “We used to find where the teachers hid their tests before first period and then quickly take pictures of the exam. We would then form a small group and get all the answers. Then we would post the answers in a Facebook group for the whole class. Everyone would come in with tiny squares of paper, with all the answers typed on them. We would hide them in our sleeves since we had long-sleeved uniforms. No one was ever caught.” XX8PXX / Reddit
  • “My friend Cory used to pick up entire desks when the teacher had her back turned, throw them across the room, sit back down, and have a totally straight face.” DublinItUp / Reddit
  • “I hid my smile, and to this day, he has no idea why a locker was full of crackers.” Unknown / Reddit
  • “I had an office with a key and a computer and everything until the principal found out about it. In retrospect, I think that’s pretty funny.” KingSpanner / Reddit
  • “Chiming in late, but I passed a test once by picking only C. I had missed a lot of school due to an injury and decided to try to take the test anyway. Figured I’d wing it. When I read the questions I knew none of it... So the teacher had a good laugh and knew why I had selected C for everything.” Hotrod_Greaser / Reddit

“This high school lets seniors paint their own parking spaces.”

  • “When I was in 8th grade, a boy tried to start a food fight. He stood up, yelled food fight, and threw his chocolate milk. He was promptly apprehended by the SRO and everyone else cracked up.” obscurethestorm / Reddit
  • “One day, during my sophomore year, a guy in our last class of the day gets a phone call right in the middle of the lecture. He pulled out his phone said, ‘Hold on, I gotta take this,’ to the look of utter shock on everyone’s faces. Then he goes, ‘WHAT!? Really!?’ Hangs up, stands up, and goes ‘duty calls!’ And rips his shirt off to reveal a Superman costume underneath: literally cape and boots and everything. He takes off and starts running around in the halls.” RedMistKnight / Reddit
  • “I heard a Scantron story where a kid chose ‘AC/DC’ repeatedly and passed.” tecuser / Reddit
  • “I can only remember the time when wrist watches came out that had a remote on them. Kid in class had one and kept turning on the TV during class, and the teacher couldn’t figure it out.” Unknown / Reddit
  • “I was sent to an all-boys private school... The entire grade knew the cast for the school play before it was announced. 4 months into my first year of real school ever, I was informed I would be playing the role of Dorothy, ruby slippers and all. And play Dorothy I did. Ruby slippers, pig-tails... a 3rd grader dressed as Toto, and all. In front of the entire school. You don’t know embarrassment until you sing ’Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ to a crowded auditorium of all-male squash players.” exasperis / Reddit
  • “Having an awful teacher put me down and tell me that I would fail (only teacher to do so, btw). When I got my results and could rub my A grade in her face, it was just hilarious to me. Getting a hug from one of my other teachers, who told me how proud they were in front of her was just as amazing too.” poormansnigella / Reddit

What are some other stories you’ve heard about people surviving their school years? Please share with us in the comments!

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