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18 People Who Simply Wanted a Drink, but Could Only Exclaim, “What Is This?”

Restaurant and cafe owners use their imaginations to the fullest to attract visitors. One of their main tricks is in the original way they serve their drinks, though the reaction of their clients can be quite unpredictable in this case. They see anything from sincere delight to slight shock. Just imagine: a waiter bringing you a cup of coffee and you sit pondering, “Well, I never had to drink from a tiny toilet before.”

We at Bright Side got curious about what juice from a lightbulb or coffee from a camera tastes like. Also, we remembered that restaurants don’t just get creative with drinks — you’ll find out what we mean in the bonus part of the article. Don’t get scared — it only looks like a flower pot.

“How am I supposed to hold this cup? The coffee is hot.”

“This milkshake came in a bathtub.”

— They ruined both the mushroom and the coffee.
— I only took one sip.

Latte art in a scooper!

A baby bottle with creamer

This cafe serves a ’Nutella Latte’ in the original container. Of course, they ask beforehand if you want it in the container or a regular cup.

“Didn’t expect the milkshake to come in an actual milk carton.”

Edible coffee cup made using cookie dough!

Thai iced tea in a terra-cotta pot

Rose latte at a toilet-themed cafe in Seoul

Just a cup of milk

At least, you’ll know for sure how many milliliters of coffee you have in your cup.

“Just wanted some extra ice for my drink.”

“Was so thirsty and walked into a cafe. Ordered an iced Americano and it came in a camera lens?! Should I drink it?”

“Ordered a Pepsi to go. Came out in a soup bowl.”

Light bulb of milk anyone?

No? Then here’s a light bulb of juice.

It seems the ice cream has melted. Nah, that’s just coffee.

Bonus: A unique dessert

This is not a flowerpot — this is an Oreo ice cream dessert.

Have you ever seen original ways of serving drinks in cafes and restaurants? Which of them surprised you most of all?

Preview photo credit debaucherist / reddit
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