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18 People Whose Hands Are Not Made of Gold but of Diamonds

Some people have superpowers, and we don’t mean walking through walls or seeing the future. Extraordinary people are all around us. They turn ordinary stuff into the treasure that’s worth even more than gold because each piece is made with love and determination.

Bright Side found such awesome crafts it’s hard to believe they are made of a pile of thread or eggs and flour.

1. Pie-thon. I thought I would share my latest pie.

2. My crochet leopard gecko

3. My mom’s real-life, handmade gingerbread house!

4. Finally finished this guy after months of procrastination.

5. I just wanted to show you my paper sculpture. I’m pretty proud of it.

6. The Bunsen burner’s expression tickles me for sure.

7. Notebook covers are my favorite things to make out of polymer clay. This is one of my dearest notebooks.

8. My newest thread painting!

9. Start with a rough outline then basically freehand everything except the straight long lines.

10. Just finished. 100% my fave octopus pattern.

11. I know a cookie monster that needed a birthday cake!

12. Bird embroidery on tulle featuring barbed wire.

13. A stop motion puppet I made for someone! She was made from milliput, balsa wood, wire, latex, and fabric.

14. Pie anyone? I was wondering what to wear on Thanksgiving and had some leftover yarn.

15. My little Buttercream Christmas Penguin Cake. I just think he’s the cutest.

16. I made my 5 year-old daughter a giant Totoro for Christmas. He took 10 hours.

17. From the light reflecting off the clouds to the colors around the sun making it feel so warm and cozy.

18. Chocolate hazelnut yule log to start off the holidays!

What types of crafts are your favorite? What do you do in your free time?

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