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18 Pictures That Prove Tenderness Can Be Found Everywhere

Unexpected gifts and encounters, tokens of affection, and rainbows after a storm caress our souls and make our hearts leap. Finding moments of tenderness and happiness is not very difficult, as they can be all around us, and these people we will introduce you to the ones they’ve found in their daily lives.

At Bright Side, we like to get excited, so we compiled some photos of real situations that made us realize that happiness is hidden in the simplest of things.

1. “My great-grandma is 114 today! She’s the third oldest (verified) living American.”

2. “2 months after I got him and Darwin still holds his own paws when he sleeps.”

3. “Today I broke a long streak of being depressed on my birthday and had a great day with my family.”

4. “This customer of mine told me that ’birds are my friends’ and then she literally showed me.”

5. “My son is celebrating his first birth day with his 103-year-old great-grandma, both born on the same day.”

6. “My grandma (103) met my 9-day-old son today.”

7. “This photo of my twin sons came up on FB memories and made me smile today. They are the best of friends.”

8. “My sister and my son, taken 7 years apart to the day!!”

9. “I grew up in a pretty toxic environment. Seeing my boys cuddle together next to me is one of the most surreal moments of my life.”

10. “This morning, I caught my 15-year-old buddy looking at me with a loving recognition that I haven’t seen from him in a while.”

11. “My 10-year-old daughter just made this for me because she knows how much I miss my dad.”

“He passed away 13 years ago and loved hummingbirds.”

12. “I adopted this good boy in March, and to celebrate his first birthday, I arranged a playdate with his littermate!”

13. “My 72-year-old stepdad entered a mobile electronics car show for the stereo system he installed in his car and he won first place.”

14. “My Grandma took me here to the twenty-fifth anniversary. She didn’t make it to the fiftieth, but she came with me in a special way.”

15. “I’ve fully come to embrace my curls. My grandma always had big curls and I inherited her hair texture during this time.”

16. “My 98-year-old grandma was the flower girl in my wedding! She kept saying, ’This will be one for the history books.’”

17. “This is my grandpa and my son. He inherited grandpa’s scout handbook, his Dutch ovens, his harmonica, and a lot of his genes.”

18. “The joy of being a kid — got a full-size candy bar and you would have thought my daughter won the lottery. Pure elation!”

In what things do you find happiness every day? What was the most touching moment of your life?

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