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18 Things People Suddenly Discovered in Unexpected Places

Sometimes you see things in the most unexpected places. For example, you might be walking along the streets of a Spanish city and suddenly come across an orange hanging from a tree with toy eyes glued to it. Or you might look out of the window and see that there are 2 foxes sitting on the roof of the neighboring house. When you notice these things, you want to share your findings with the entire world and that’s exactly what the characters of our compilation did.

Bright Side believes that life is full of surprises, otherwise, internet users wouldn’t be able to show their curious discoveries that they found in the most unexpected places.

“Found WALL-E made from scrap metal and old car parts outside of my mechanic’s shop.”

“I found this ’Mouse Barbershop’ in Malmö, Sweden.”

“I found this McDonald’s cup in a wall during a kitchen renovation.”

A plant growing out of an old lock

“These keys came free of charge with my lunch today.”

This world map on the downspout

“I found this bumpy thick Pringle in the can.”

“I saw this ‘Gary, come home’ poster in an Austrian graveyard.”

“I found a dog on the inner side of my T-shirt.”

Just 2 foxes on the roof of a house

“I was walking through downtown Denver when I saw this.”

“Found a little message in my new jeans today.”

“Spotted a doctor outside a medical lab in Paris.”

" I found this smiley face under a Fanta bottle label."

There is a building with a hidden man in its wall in Charles Town, WV.

“Discovering that somebody put eyes on a random orange on the street really made my day while walking around Málaga, Spain.”

“A lizard laid eggs in my wall.”

The gilding on this book forms a picture:

Have you ever come across something unusual that you could share with us?

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