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19 Back-Then Photos That Should Have Been Burned Long Time Ago

Do you remember that feeling when your mother decides to show family photos to guests and takes the family album out? That’s when the true portal to the recent past opens up, which you feel like shutting as soon as possible and forgetting about forever. That’s the very feeling the characters of our compilation probably have when they look at their old photos.

We at Bright Side believe that these photos will always resurface somehow. Maybe they will never be shown on your Instagram feed, but they’ll definitely be the perfect reason to reminisce about the past in your close circle of friends and relatives.

“My siblings and I were forced into a ‘pet lookalike’ competition. It still haunts us.”

“My friend is saving this photo for her future kids, to show that she thought she had a cool phase too.”

“Me in my school photo looking like a 60-year old librarian with my cardigan, turtleneck, and thick glasses. Date and age unknown.”

“It was so terrible that my mom is still roasting me.”

“I look like a widow who came to pick up the insurance money after her husband’s death.”

“I recently bought tickets to see my favorite band from 2005, and my brother was kind enough to send me pictures from the first time I saw this band.”

Me in high school, 2006. The lady taking the photo asked me, “Are you sure you want to smile like that?”

“Let’s start a band, year 2006”

“I thought I was so cool with my 8-megapixel camera.”

“I thought this perm and haircut was going to make me look just like Whitney Houston.”

“I was going for “adorable 4-year-old,” but ended up with “possibly rabid hyena.”

“The year was 2002, I decided to be a Q-tip for Halloween. Being 12ish is a weird time in life.”

“I still have the under-eyes bags, but no more orange hair.”

“Me in 2005 roasting marshmallows in rubber boots and a wizard hat”

“These glasses were the height of my fashion sense.”

“Oh god, that makeup... I tried too hard.”

“My fashion sense peaked in 2010.”

“’80s night on a cruise ship. I’m 14 here, believe it or not.”

“My coworker gave me permission to post this picture of her in high school.”

We are pretty sure that these “treasures” from the past are in everyone’s archive. Will you dare to share your “gems” or are you the one who doesn’t keep these photos?

Preview photo credit Al_E77 / Reddit
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