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19 Brave People That Totally Trusted Their Hairdressers and Hit the Jackpot

The research found out that almost half of women are ready to experiment with their hair and are ready to take a risk. There are many brave people among men too — 36% of the participants said that they would be willing to change their hairstyles dramatically. So, the people from this article decided to not be afraid of anything and just trust their hairdressers.

The Bright Side team has seen many examples of how a cool new haircut can improve self-esteem and mood. Just take a look at how much a person can change after just one visit to the beauty salon.

“I told my stylist to do whatever she thinks would look good with my hair, and I am in love!”

From blonde to red

“Before/after — for the first time in 4 years, I cut off more than just a trim. Also, it’s the first time in 10 years that I’ve been only my natural color.”

“I got rid of a lot of hair.”

“My friend and my client let me do anything to her hair. So she has a completely new haircut now.”

“I’m in love with my red hair. I haven’t felt that I was this attractive for a long time.”

“I finally did it! I got the guts to get the haircut I’ve wanted for years!”

“I’ve been growing my hair out for nearly 5 years. I just got bangs yesterday and I’m really loving how it looks right now!”

“I also got rid of a lot of my hair.”

“Before and after! Long brown + dead-bleached ends to the short(ish) pink hair of my dreams!”

“I went from my natural black to blonde/grey, I love my hairdresser.”

“Before and after of my lovely client! She had never been brunette before.”

“After 10 years of long hair, I got the chop!”

“My new stylist suggested that I stop dying and hiding my silver hair. Now, I get compliments about my hair all the time.”

“This guy I know is a beloved local barber, here’s one of his before and after styles.”

“Went for a big change! Now, I also want to add some bright colors.”

“Before and after the cut... I’m really happy.”

“Finally decided to make a big change.”

“A big change, after being blonde for 4 years! I was really nervous because people told me that light hair was great with my eyes.”

Tell us about or show us the hair experiments you decided to do!

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