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19 Finds From Nature That Truly Tricked Our Brains

Someone once said, “The boundary between science fiction and social reality is an optical illusion.” As enigmatic as it is, nature sometimes offers us images that require us to blink twice before attempting to recognize the line between imagination and reality. And like an image straight out of a fictional movie, these folks below found gems from Mother Nature that made us question our minds for a couple of seconds.

1. “I found a leaf that is almost twice as big as my head.”

2. “2 stones I found on a lake shore perfectly fit one in the other.”

3. “This tree I found while hiking looks like a T-Rex.”

4. “I found a beautiful, multi-colored hydrangea in my friends’ backyard.”

5. “These long grapes I found in a Thai market”

6. “A 5-leaf clover I found”

7. This orange mushroom in the forest

8. “This old bottle in my backyard created its own terrarium.”

9. “Those polypores in the forest look like flowers.”

10. “This tree was trimmed around the power lines.”

11. “A large moth”

12. “I found a chameleon in this tree. He froze once he saw me.”

13. “An ear-shaped wood piece I found on a beach”

14. “This beautiful luna moth”

15. “A flower with infinite petals”

16. “My apple has a defect that looks like a leaf.”

17. “Galaxy flower”

18. “Carrots hugging each other”

19. “My brother dropped a watermelon and there was a tongue inside.”

Have you ever found something really interesting in your backyard or while walking outside? Share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit Alafern / Reddit
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