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19 People Shared Their Jewels Stories and Show That They’re Much More Than Pretty Stones

Jewelry is usually more than just an accessory. Behind the glitter of their sparkle, they often hide a story that speaks volumes about the wearer. Stories of families, weddings, encounters, and bonds last beyond the stones’ cracks. Yes, all this can be seen by the deep eye.

1. “I made a necklace from a rib I had removed.”

2. “Showed this ring to him years ago, and he surprised me with it last week!”

3. “Had a house fire in my kitchen 10 years ago, and one of the cupboards that burned had my grandmother’s Blue Willow dishes in it.”

“I saved some of the shards, knowing I would do something with them one day.”

4. “My raw emerald necklace from a small town antique shop.”

5. “I use jewelry making as physical therapy after a stroke. I’m proud of my progress!”

6. “My ring combo! The gold band is from half of my mom’s wedding band. My sister has the other half.”

7. “A custom family birthstone amulet I just made, and I’m SO excited about their gemstone color story!”

8. “My future sister-in-law gifted me a ring from their late grandmother for Christmas this year!”

“All I know about it is that it’s 10k gold, but it’s very sentimental, and I love it.”

9. “My grandma’s old esemco ring she always wore to the theatre.”

10. “Me and my friend designed a moonstone necklace together.”

11. “Head-over-heels for my ‘new’ late-Victorian garnet and seed pearl beauty!”

“I have a small collection of vintage/antique rings, and I think this one is my new favorite!”

12. “I inherited a ring after my great-grandmother passed and forgot about it/thought I lost it 10 years ago. But I think I found it.”

13. “Sister’s graduation gift”

14. “My grandma gave me this emerald and yellow gold ring that my great-grandpa made my great-grandma.”

“It’s an early graduation gift, and I love that it just so happens to be the same color as my university’s!”

15. “My dad is a jewelry maker, and I’m his only daughter, he waited all his life to create this piece of joy, and I can’t stop smiling.”

16. “18k rose gold and diamond engagement ring I made for my fiancée.”

17. “Designed a new setting for my grandmother’s amethyst. So happy with the result!”

18. “Instead of getting me a graduation card, my mom colored these two pictures for me and gave me this necklace.”

“It might not seem like much, but I haven’t seen my mom for a while, and I almost cried when she gave me these things.”

19. “2 years in the making. She said yes!”

“I found the gold and sapphire near the town she was born. Secretly got her design preferences through her friends and handmade the ring with my dad.”

What is that one memory you keep that you wouldn’t give away to the world? What place in your home have you chosen for it?

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