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19 People That Will Never Buy Furniture Online Again

According to a report by Digital 2020, more than 50% of the world’s population uses the internet. It makes our lives so much easier. Now, we don’t need to go to bookstores to get something to read, we can order food sitting in our favorite chair, and in order to furnish a new apartment, you just need to make a few clicks on a website. Unfortunately, not all of these purchases are good.

We at Bright Side came across some photos from people who ordered furniture online and didn’t get what they expected.

“Last time I order anything from an Instagram ad”

These hanging chairs online vs What came in the mail

Poor leopards...

“Almost half the size/scale in the description. I’m getting a refund, but the manufacturer still won’t replace it with the size that’s advertised.”

“My boss bought 50 chairs at an online auction. It wasn’t until we went to pick them up that we realized they were from an elementary school.”

“It looked much bigger in the photo.”

“I’m not the happiest customer in the world right now.”

“I ordered a wardrobe for storing clothes.”

“A friend accidentally bought these folding chairs online for his NYE party. 5 for only $8!”

“In total now, I’ve received 4 sofas and 2 replacement cushions. Out of the 4 sofas, 3 have been ripped and both replacement cushions sent have been the wrong color.”

“I get the feeling that there is something a little wrong with the new sofa you just delivered to me.”

“My sister once told me, “don’t buy anything you’re going to ride, drive, sleep in off the internet. You want to actually see those beforehand.”

“My roommate ordered a £4 deck chair from eBay for the garden. We thought she’d gotten a bargain. It just arrived...”

“So, I found this neat design for a desk and thought I’d use it for my studio setup. What I ordered vs What got delivered”

“I ordered a toddler rocking chair and got a Yamaha car speaker ... I don’t think they’re the same thing...”

“My friend ordered this chair. We warned him it would never arrive! That’s what he got on the right instead.”

“So I ordered a sofa and this is what I got. Now they said it’ll be over $200 more if I want the missing part. Why would I order a sofa with only 2 cushions?”

“This is what you get when Black Friday is online. I ordered a baby wardrobe, and got this instead.”

Just a slight difference between the photo and the actual product!

Have you ever ordered furniture from online stores? Did your expectations match the reality or were you disappointed? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below!

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