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19 People Who Are Too Unfortunate to Have a Good Vacation

Sometimes when your suitcases have been packed, your passport is in your pocket and the plane tickets are in your hands, you get a gut feeling that something is going to go wrong on your vacation. You’ll end up trying to remember whether you switched off the iron back at home or are suffering after realizing you’ve forgotten your phone charger. All these bad moments can be amplified thanks to friends that post their perfect beach photos.

Bright Side found 19 stories about people that aren’t afraid to go against the system and share the photos from their not-so-perfect vacations on social media. We all can learn from their mistakes!

19. “I want to take a ride on a human!”

18. What happens when you fall asleep outside:

17. When your guardian angel manages to save you in the nick of time:

16. “Came to Greece for a relaxing holiday in the sun. It has rained for 5 days straight and we are leaving tomorrow.”

15. “The hotel promised us a sea-view room. They actually weren’t lying.”

14. True!

13. When one obstacle has passed but it’s still too early to relax:

12. “Only I would get trapped in an elevator at the airport....2 hours till my flight leaves and the fire department is on their way to bust me out! Talk about a strong start to a vacation!”

11. “Accidentally sat on a sea urchin, got 30 spikes in my butt, and had to spend the rest of the day in a hot vinegar bath.”

10. “How’s that for an ocean view on your beach vacation?”

9. “The top is a picture of the beautiful city of Antigua, courtesy of Google. The bottom is my picture of Antigua.”

8. Holiday weekend fun!

7. “Posted a photo but here’s the real caption: When you go to Mexico for a particular party and end up missing it and there’s a 7.6 magnitude earthquake nearby and a real threat of a tsunami to hit Tulum happens. Thankfully it passed, you get a fine on your hire car and they take your plates. Then when it’s time to fly back to New York, you leave your expensive hula hoop in the hotel room.”

6. “I was supposed to be staring at the Swiss Alps today. Instead, I’m at home staring at my toes. I guess Switzerland will still be there.”

5. “Stuck on a mountain with a broken car, what do I do? Put music on, dance and enjoy the heat.”

4. “When you wake up for a sunrise at Niagara Falls but forgot to check the weather forecast...”

3. When you’re having your first romantic trip on gondolas but the traffic is too heavy:

2. The universe decided that going cross country in this RV was not part of the plan.

1. " ’Check out my perfect tan,’ said no tourist, ever."

Has anything similar happened to you? Please tell us your stories in the comments and perhaps our next compilation will be about you!

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