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19 People Who Disguised Their Presents So Well, It’s Impossible to Guess What’s Inside

Some people give presents as they are, that are in their initial shape and look. Others, wrap them with paper and decorative ribbons. And other people go even further, giving the present an absolutely different look from whatever they are gifting. Of course, they look cool and spectacular!

We at Bright Side look at these photos and get amazed at how much patience the people who wrapped them have.

1. “I used wrapping paper to make a bike for my girlfriend.”

“However, there is whole lotta stuff in there: candles, tarot cards, a photo book, a necklace, and LED lights.”

2. “Took longer than I care to admit. But I successfully wrapped a gift card!”

3. Made a custom box for my wife’s Christmas present. It has a necklace with her and the kids’ birthstones inside."

4. “My brother asked for a ladder.”

5. “How I wrapped a pack of mints for my nephew...”

6. “This is a drone for my dad.”

7. “That’s how we wrapped a drill.”

8. “It’s towels for the mother-in-law.”

9. “I wonder if my daughter will be able to figure out what’s inside.”

“There is a bowling ball inside.”

10. “My dad always guesses his Christmas gift before he opens it. Think he’ll know he’s getting wrenches?”

11. “My daughter is obsessed with horses, but I can’t afford to buy her one. Bought her a gift card for riding lessons and wrapped it like this.”

12. “This is how my friend wrapped up a toilet plunger.”

13. There is an umbrella inside this “snow cleaner.”

14. This stroller package hides an umbrella too.

15. There are actually chocolate bars inside this wrap job.

16. “I bought my sister a shirt for Christmas.”

17. Framed pictures wrapped as a tank

18. There is a USB stick in this false wrapping.

19. How else would you wrap a board game?

How do you prefer to present gifts — in a faux package or not?

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