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19 Things That Prove Airports Are Like Another World With Their Own Rules

The thing we love most about airports is the feeling of a special atmosphere and the sense of new adventure. You can always observe a lot of interesting and surprising things while waiting for your next flight. For example, you can stumble upon your look-alike, meet a walking robot, or witness people who treat terminal gates like a second home.

We at Bright Side suggest that you take a look at the everyday lives of ordinary passengers and become convinced, once again, that you can put an equal sign between the words “airport” and “adventure.”

This couple took “sleeping at the airport” to a whole new level.

This guy going through airport security had 2 pizzas as carry-ons.

“This dog watched me the entire time I was in the bathroom at the airport.”

“They just finished upgrading a terminal at our country’s airport, and these are the urinals in the new bathrooms.”

“The clock at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is a work of art.”

“I saw this guy at the airport playing Age of Empires on his knee.”

This airport restroom has 4 different types of hand dryers.

“Someone checked in a stick at the airport.”

  • TSA: You can’t bring that on the plane.

Gandalf: You wouldn’t part an old man from his walking stick, would you? © herpderpedian / Reddit

“This realistic bronze statue at the airport”

“The drains for the sinks in the Minneapolis airport are airplanes.”

This Singapore airport allows the passenger to slide down to the terminal gate.

“My dad bumped into his doppelganger at the airport in Newark.”

These helpful robots wander around the Incheon Airport in Seoul. Everyone can come up to them to check for flight information.

Another picture from the Incheon Airport

“This is a Mcdonald’s in Sydney Airport. The kitchen is on the top floor. This how the orders come down to customers.”

“I saw this guy sleeping at my airport gate. He’s my hero!”

“I think they’re recording us (Bremen Airport).”

  • The purpose of the microphone is to measure the amount of ambient noise, so the volume of the announcements can be adjusted to an audible level. © TheLootiestBox / Reddit

“Melbourne International Airport, 2:30 a.m. — this guy is eating frozen vegetables from a bag.”

“An ordinary day at the airport...”

Do you have any funny travel photos in your archives?

Preview photo credit unknown author / Imgur
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