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19 Touching Tattoos That Can Make Even a Tough Dad Weep

There are some people who are against tattoos, and others that are willing to get a new one every month. No matter how you feel about this type of art, you can probably agree that many of them are actually quite meaningful. Though, sometimes, it’s hard to understand why anyone would get a tattoo of a big frog or a crocheted acorn.

Bright Side has taken a look at some tattoos of Internet users that carry special meaning.

“My daughter drew a picture of me when she was 2 years old. 7 years later and it’s on me forever.”

“My first tattoo is small and simple. I chose it because I love physics.”

It’s phi. It’s used in physics for magnetic flux or for the golden ratio in other branches of science.

“When I was 7, I wrote myself a letter. 20 years later, I got a tattoo of it to remember to love myself more.”

“The Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, and Aries — they are my favorite constellations.”

“I’m a teacher and one of my parents is a tattoo artist. He gifted me a free tattoo for appreciation: Benny the Spaceman!”

“I asked my kids for ideas and my son said I should get the blue-ringed octopus because they remind him of me — tiny, cute, and very aggressive.”

“My first tattoo is from a nickname my wife gave me, ’the gentleman frog,’ because of my big belly and skinny legs.”

“My wife brought this crocheted acorn for our first date. I love this tattoo.”

“My son made a chalk drawing and I turned it into a tattoo.”

“My mom passed away several months ago. I got this tattoo to always remember how we drove for no reason, listening to music.”

“I call this ’nature merges with digital world’ since I love plants and I am a programmer.”

“I got this tattoo on my unusual toes.”

“When my grandma was 18, she got a tattoo. She’s 92 now because the tattoo is an infinity symbol.”

“I woke up to a puppy in my bed at 8 years old. For 15 years, she was my best friend, and then I lost her back in May.”

“I got my first tattoo to remember her.”

“A small secret on my ear”


“My niece loves my tattoos, so I asked her to draw something for my next tattoo. She drew a cat and wrote her name.”

“My daughter was born with a dark birthmark, I got tattooed so we could be twinsies. She’s 2 now and put on her stamp marker.”

“3 years ago, I met my half-sisters for the first time. 4 days ago, we got matching tattoos. I have family.”

“I drew the portraits of my children.”

Do you have any tattoos? What do they mean?

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