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20+ Breathtaking Sights You May Come Across Once in a Lifetime

Nature will never cease to surprise us, especially when it shows us rare phenomena that can never be surpassed by the human imagination. Besides, who doesn’t want to experience unique sights they’ve never seen before, such as what conjoined daisies look like or what kind of patterns shuttered ice creates on a frozen lake.

If you’d like to experience the uniqueness of the world we live in, Bright Side has 22 photos that will make you say, “Wow!” Read until the end to see our bonus featuring the battle between nature and technology!

1. It’s funny how nature can resemble anything. We feel like these flowers look like the fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

2. It goes without saying, “Buy one banana get one free in the same peel.”

3. Have you ever seen so many conjoined daisies?

4. The ice shuttered on top of the Lake in Michigan and it looks like something that came out of one of Dali’s paintings.

5. The pattern on this neon snake looks like a knitted sweater.

6. Different colored cauliflower or should we say, “color-flower”...

7. This unique strawberry that looks like a butterfly, or should we say, “butter-berry”...

8. These trees that look like someone just poured paint all over them are actually colored that way by nature.

9. A huge oak tree grew all around this palm tree and it looks like it’s eating it.

10. An albino scorpion that reflects the light of the lamp making it literally glow in the dark

11. A ladybug with albinism is just as pretty as a red ladybug.

12. A rare green moth with an army camouflage pattern

13. The ice formation in this pond looks like a human iris.

14. The natural colors of the Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park are so breathtaking you’ll want to stare at them all day.

15. An oddly shaped tomato that looks like it’s been working out a lot

16. You know life can find its way when a huge mushroom can grow out of a mulch bag like this.

17. “I bought a discounted flower bouquet and this dual color gem was inside.”

18. This golf course was struck by lightning and the grass burnt into a lightning pattern.

19. 2 lovely snail parents protecting their eggs

20. A rare Rainbow Wrasse that looks like it was dipped into a painter’s palette

21. A crystal clear chunk of ice from Lake Baikal

22. This is a very rare albino snail that we just can’t take our eyes off of.

BONUS: nature vs technology — this plant can’t grow near the WiFi hub which makes us all wonder what the router could be doing to us.

Have you ever seen anything that surprised you that you’d like to share with us? We would love to see your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit designflaw2b / Reddit
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