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20 Brilliant Ideas That Should Be Used Everywhere

Every day, people invent hundreds of new things that make our planet a comfortable place to live. The people from this compilation deserve a special award for their ideas. They improve services and create devices that save us a lot of time and these things make our lives better.

Bright Side has collected some cool things and ideas that should be used everywhere.

1. “My new set of sheets came with a handy little pocket.”

2. “My roommate’s spatula has a stand so the bit that touches your food doesn’t touch the counter.”

3. This swing set lets you swing with your child and not just push them.

4. 35¢-surprise soda machine

5. Disabled people can enjoy the sea too.

6. A blood pressure check at a gas station

7. “My toaster has an option to ‘lift and look’ while toasting.”

8. “A pub in my town places rubber ducks in puddles to warn guests.”

9. This restaurant uses concrete sewer pipes for outdoor seating.

10. This scooter for people in a wheelchair

11. Nobody visits a bathroom without a device.

12. This self-pedaling phone charging station in Montreal

13. “My local bookshop has mini-reviews attached to the front of their books, handwritten by the staff.”

14. This swing set for children in wheelchairs

15. Frog Log — so frogs won’t get trapped in fountains

16. This cafe uses fettuccini pasta for coffee-stirrers as an alternative to plastic or wood

17. This can of beer that has alloy foil on top to prevent the top from getting dirty

18. “My coffee lid is also a phone stand.”

19. This fire hydrant has a water fountain attachment.

20. A cute draft stopper

Which of these ideas did you like the most? Share your impressions in the comment section below.

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