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20+ Creative Masterpieces From People Who Seem to Have a Magic Wand in Their Pocket

We are surrounded by many talented people: some of them can work well with wood, others are brilliant at knitting, and still others seem to be masters of all and be able to create a masterpiece out of nothing. How do they manage to do it? Twist of the wrist, talent, and persistence joined together make miracles.

We at Bright Side like to look through the works of people with the Midas touch and share them with you. In the bonus, you can see how to make a fairytale for your favorite fish.

This floor has more than $130 in pennies “immured” in it.

“Here’s my very first portrait made from colored thread and nails.”

Magical dreams happen with this headboard.

“I made a cake that looks like a knitted sweater.”

Infinity mirror made of mirror acrylic and LED strips

“I made a book nook shelf insert.”

“Impossible floating table I made with my son”

“I made a tiny galaxy.”

“A pendant I made out of Silver milled into 8 different gauges of wire. Over 40 working hours went into this. ”

“A portrait doll of one of my favorite characters — Padmé Amidala”

“I made an epoxy resin and colored pencil wall-clock for my sister.”

“My buddy made this portrait of Van Gogh entirely out of snack food.”

Burned wood wall installation. Resembles a city silhouette, doesn’t it?

“After 60 hours of pure folding, I made an origami eye from a single, ginormous piece of 8.8 ft x 8.8 ft paper!”

DIY magical table

“A piece of fall inside one key.”

“Christmas tree balls decorated by my mom”

“I made this using paper strips only.”

“I’m super proud of this dog I crocheted for a coworker!”

“I made a new art pie. This has a blueberry filling in a lemon-almond cookie crust and is 100% edible.”

“I made a portrait of a friend out of 13,000 dice.”

Bonus: Real Moroccan garden in an aquarium

What hobbies do you have? Please don’t hide the beauty you can do and share the results of your creativity with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit TonyaTooners / Imgur
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