20 Discoveries People Have Made That Prove Wonder Is Always Just Around the Corner

It’s always exciting to find an Easter egg from the universe. A unique genetic feature you’re stuck with since birth but noticed just recently, or a weird ancestral inheritance, or even your own doppelgänger carved of wood in another country. Things like this prevent us from growing disinterested in the world around us and force us to keep our eyes wide open for new discoveries.

Bright Side collected 20 pics showing that you can never guess where you will encounter the unexpected.

1. “When I went to Switzerland and happened to look exactly like this random wood statue”

2. “Recently discovered that some glass shoes in my grandpa’s collection are made with uranium.”

3. “A little owl that my dad found in our home”

4. “There’s a patch on my leg that doesn’t get goosebumps.”

5. “Unwrapped a slap bracelet to find a recycled piece of measuring tape.”

6. Townhouse in DC has a cute little model townhouse in its front yard (and the model has its own model!)

7. “I saw a real-life human using a payphone today.”

8. “My nails (unintentionally) ended up the same texture and color as the cap on my perfume bottle.”

9. “This rattlesnake was found bathing in a puddle created from a cow’s hoofprint.”

10. “This barnacle-covered medicine bottle I found washed up on shore.”

11. “Found a 4-leaf clover in an old book of poetry from 1889.”

12. “The eucalyptus oil in my diffuser is turning all the flames in my house orange.”

13. “Lonely plant growing in a tiny spot of light in a street in Lucca, Italy”

14. “Found a gnome shack on my way home.”

15. “My sock matched this wall in a dressing room.”

16. “Papa John’s left their oven pan in my pizza box.”

17. “There is a sunflower growing from my neighbor’s gutter.”

18. “Me, my dad, and my sister took a picture at the St. Louis Arch and the lighting made it look like part of it disappeared.”

19. “Received a nickel from 1902 in my change today.”

20. “3000-year-old rock carvings in Sweden I visited today.”

What unsuspected finds have you made? Share your photos and stories with us!

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Preview photo credit Blueskyblonde / reddit
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