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20 People Shared the Embarrassing Pics From Their Teen Years That Are Still Haunting Them

Time can make us look at things with fresh eyes. What happens around us and our experiences can also alter our perspective on fashion, especially when thinking about our teenage years. During those strange years, many teens seek nothing more than to express their personality no matter what the consequences are. These decisions leave behind memories that can be as beautiful as they are hilarious.

Bright Side browsed through social media and stumbled upon a few users that posted their pics from their teen years, and they were hilarious, so we couldn’t stop ourselves from making a compilation. Have fun!

1. “My mom and I on Christmas... Around 2010”

2. “Me at the Twilight gift shop”

3. “My friend’s daughter found me in our junior high yearbook. And they laughed, and laughed...”

4. “Back from 2007, we are now married with a 2-month-old daughter.”

5. “On the left is my son Callum at 8 years old on Halloween. He is dressed as Eminem. On the right is me at 8 years old. I dressed as Steve Urkel. I stand by my choice.”

6. “Me (on the left) with a friend and my manager from Hot Topic at the mall in 2009”

7. “I wore a tuxedo t-shirt and a flat billed hat to my senior prom. Yikes.”

8. “This picture haunts me every year on this date. Got my driving license though. 👍🏻 (2009 vs 2019)”

9. “Did these sick stars myself when I was 12. Almost 22 years later they still look savage.”

10. “Back when I BADLY needed corrective lenses and couldn’t be more than 6 inches from any TV, circa 2003”

11. “I thought I was the coolest kid at my 8th grade New Year’s party.”

12. “Had a blonde mohawk, cut the rest of my hair, but still wanted bangs. Behold.”

13. “I asked my mom to take a picture of me with all my Pokémon. (2000)”

14. “I lived nowhere near cows or a farm.”

15. “This was a classic look for me in ’98.”

16. “Me in the late ’80s... so edgy”

17. “Man, I was weird.”

18. “Me circa 1990 wearing a full-on watermelon walking shorts and button-up shirt outfit”

19. “Thought I looked like some ’70s folk singer.”

20. “Best man at 15, too nervous to give a speech, but at least I had a skinny bow tie with a matching cummerbund.”

Would you dare to share a pic from when you were a rebel without a cause? Or were you the perfect teen? In that case, share a pic with us too and we might make an article about it!

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