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20+ People That Decided Not to Spend a Fortune on a Bag and Made Great Ones Themselves

There are probably no women that don’t use handbags — after all, they need to keep their stuff somewhere. Some of them buy brand-name bags, others buy cheaper ones, and some actually make bags for themselves. The latter people just think, “Why to spend a fortune on a bag when I can make my own?”

We at Bright Side are amazed by really talented people that don’t only make really good items but also save money.

1. “I made the earrings and decorated the handbag.”

2. “My new crochet bag”

3. “These ones are from kits, but I’m currently in the process of my first homemade patterned and created bag!”

4. “I’m really happy with what I got. It’s great for lots of papers.”

5. A handmade bag and embroidery with some flowers to match

6. “I sewed this waist bag with linen ribbons, and I really think it looks beautiful.”

7. “This is the biggest bag I’ve ever made.”

8. “Found this AMAZING fabric and thought, ’I want a succulent BAG.’ It looks so real. I used the leftovers making a gardening apron.”

9. “My paper rope bag project is ready for sale!”

10. “Upcycled a friend’s thesis into a duffle bag.”

11. “My take on the Dior saddlebag I made for my girlfriend”

By the way, the Dior bag costs $2,750.

12. “Made a bells bag pouch with a crossbody strap.”

13. “I made a tote bag from scrap fabric.”

14. “A handmade and painted bag out of old jeans”

15. “A double-sided bag that looks like chain armor”

16. “A bag painted and woven by me”

17. “I made this bag for my grandma with her dogs on it. It was really fun. Hope she likes it!”

18. “First time making a bag!”

19. “I made an embroidered grid clutch!”

20. “I’m a nurse. I started sewing a couple of years ago. I made this bag for my work. Not perfect, but I love it!”

21. “I used old T-shirts to make this bag.”

What are you good at making things yourself?

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