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20 People That Showed Us Something We Don’t Get to See Very Often

Sometimes we think we have seen it all, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. For instance, scientists have identified around 2 million species of animals in the world, but really there are around 5 to 10 million species. That means we still have so many chances to wow ourselves with whatever life throws at us.

1. “My son took a nap on his Daddy and woke up a Super Villain.”

2. “I’m finally a dad. Look at those cheeks!”

3. “Here is my finished prosthetic eye.”

4. “I was taking photos of the moon and unexpectedly captured this perfect moment.”

5. “My friend’s father caught a blue lobster the other day.”

6. “A family friend went camping and heard a noise outside the tent. She took a picture.”

7. “My daughter found a one-eyed frog.”

8. “Our daughter has different colored eyelashes.”

9. “My daughter’s hair is falling out, leaving a little mohawk.”

10. “Leopard moth my dad found in his garden!”

11. “My daughter’s boyfriend and my Peruvian guinea pig share a similar hairdo.”

12. “This tiny scorpion I found in my daughters toilet.”

13. “Weeds were growing out of my dad’s car.”

14. “My dad cut open one of the first tomatoes from his garden and found a ’strawberry’ growing inside it.”

15. “My dad found a branch that grew back into itself.”

16. “The star at the top of the tree reflected in my daughter’s eyes.”

17. “A pet cremation memorial stone I made.”

18. “Giant wood moth, the heaviest species of moth in the world with females reaching up to 30 g.”

19. “A friend left a glass bowl outside, and a wasp nest happened to be nearby.”

20. “Almost 23 years old and still has the universe in her eyes.”

Which of these images impressed you the most? Have you ever seen a rare or strange animal? Do you happen to have pictures? Tell us in the comments, we would love to know.

Preview photo credit Bling-kofaneye / Reddit
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