20+ People That Won’t Make Plans Ever Again

We bet there is no one out there who has everything go exactly as they planned, every day, without any problems or unexpected events. Honestly, we don’t think these people exist. Life makes itself as interesting as possible and we, the main characters of our story, continue to overcome the difficulties on our path.

This Bright Side compilation has photos showing people who have had to deal with events they could not have predicted at all.

This guy turned out to be allergic to hair dye.

“A client brought in these speakers for repair. He said that one of the speakers was less loud than the other. I opened the one that he said was louder...”

“My friend’s entire company is locked out of their WeWork office because an umbrella fell, jamming the door. No one can figure it out. It’s been like this for 2 days.”

“My yoga mat finally arrived...”

The expression on his face says it all.

When the entire generation decided to take it easy.

We don’t think that this guy just wanted to be a chandelier...

“I bought this Night King mask on eBay.”

Professional bakers were tasked with baking an alpaca cake...

“Broke my wrist 3 days before my work and travel in New Zealand...”

“Stayed at my auntie’s for the weekend in Norfolk. Not what I expected to wake up to.”

The moment when you think it’s probably not the last wedding in your life...

“My brother dropped the oil filter in the oil pan while changing it.”

“I forgot to beat the egg whites and fold them in, resulting in a batter that was too dense and sunken cupcakes.”

It was a great match. I think...

“Cutting the grass and managed to flick a hidden pebble directly into my window.”

This is so tragic.

“300 eggs down 10 minutes before the end of my shift. Eggscelent...”

Went to cook a frozen pizza when the oven said, “No.”

Sometimes, it’s better to do nothing at all instead of trying to fix the problem.

“Opened my MacBook to start an assignment that’s due tonight at midnight!”

Fake, long eyelashes on a windy boat ride

Do you often have to change your plans on the fly and deal with the difficulties you are faced with?

Preview photo credit RafikiDubs / Reddit
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