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20 People Who Failed to Find a Perfect Outfit at the Store, So They Created It Themselves

Designer clothes often cost as much as an airplane wing, and custom tailoring costs as much as the entire airliner. There is a more affordable way to look unique and stylish — just get a sewing machine, some patience, a drop of inspiration, and make all your fashion dreams come true.

People from our article have different sewing skills — some of them tried sewing for the first time, while others could really compete with eminent fashion designers. But we at Bright Side are sure that all these outfits could take their rightful place in the world’s fashion shows.

“I designed and made my prom dress myself.”

“I sewed a pleated skirt and a matching cropped jacket using a self-drafted pattern.”

“Nothing beats the feeling of a custom bias silk dress. I drafted the pattern myself and created my wedding outfit.”

“I designed and sewed a coat for myself. I like it.”

“I got inspired by Grace Kelly’s outfit from Rear Window, spent $50 on fabric, and made this dress for my parents’ Christmas party.”

“My son made this dress out of plastic bags with help of a sewing machine and hot glue. He did it for the first time for a school project and won 2 scholarships.”

“Puff sleeves are trending so I decided to make an outfit in a gothic, clown style.”

“I made a blue dress in a retro style with embroidery and pockets. And from remnants of fabric, I also made a belt and a handbag.”

— I’ve never sewed, but I decided to make a dress from scratch.

— This is incredible work for a beginner.

“I sewed a high neck cape with a belt from Vogue patterns. Toward the end, my machine stopped working so the buttons and belt are hand-sewn!”

“Prom night didn’t happen this year, but at least I can still twirl around in the ball gown I made.”

“The vintage dress I made myself.”

“Multiple mental breakdowns, a broken needle, and 48+ hours of work to make an, ’I inherited my vanished husband’s riches’ robe.”

“I made a tiger print dress today. I spent 4 hours on it, but I like how it fits.”

“I sewed a skirt and a neckerchief while following a YouTube video. These are the first pieces of clothes I made myself, and I wear them with pleasure in public.”

“I made this bee and flower dress myself.”

“I made myself a coat using a Vogue pattern, but with some modifications. It’s perfect for the winter.”

“I was 8 years old when my favorite movie Edward Scissorhands was released. I made a dress like the main character had, having spent 3 days and $28 on it.”

“I made a denim suit with bell-bottomed trousers and a jacket.”

“My sister made an amazing wedding dress from recycled plastic bags for a school project.”

Do you think that homemade clothes are cool or that they’re a sign that a person can’t afford designer clothes?

Preview photo credit SimplyBrioche / Reddit