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20+ People Who Got a Huge Surprise in the Apartment They Booked

Booking an apartment is always a lottery where expectations don’t always meet reality. However, the people in our article were lucky enough to not only get a cozy shelter, but also gain way more than they bargained for.

Bright Side editorial checked to see which awesome apartments and houses turned out to be better than expected.

“The apartment we booked in Spain is built on top of the old remains of city walls which turned out to be inside the room.”

“I booked an apartment in Oslo, Norway and it turned out to be a greenhouse on the sixteenth floor.”

“The apartment I booked in Tangier, Morocco was so cool that I didn’t want to leave!”

“My husband and I rented a house. When I was walking our dog in the evening, I found out this cute donkey lives on the property.”

“I booked a house in Miami to celebrate my birthday. It looked like paradise.”

“I booked a room while traveling in Spain. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back to this.”

“The marvelous view from the room I booked in Barcelona, Spain”

“This house I booked in Mexico was shaped like 2 seashells! Just look at how beautiful it is!”

“I was staying here last summer and it was awesome. Just look at the view from the porch.”

“Spent the night at a rented apartment. This is our host, A.J., checking in on us at 8 a.m.”

“I rented a shelter in southern Utah that was made by dynamiting holes into a Navajo sandstone butte. Off the grid and breathtaking!”

“I rented a place and it said there were a few dogs on the property. This little fella was one of them. Best rental ever.”

“The lobby of my last rental was covered in old broken cameras.”

“I booked a small room in Vienna and only after moving in did I find out that there was an inquisitive fluffy neighbor that came with it.”

“The house I rented for a weekend had a full-body massage chair.”

“We rented an apartment in a house that had a working elevator from the 1930s.”

“We booked a house in Spain. Just look at the bed we had!”

“The top floor of our rental in Perth, Australia. The price for the shelter was excellent.”

“Our Airbnb came with this friendly guy.”

“My rental had this perfect view as a bonus.”

“I rented a room in a house which is decorated very eccentrically. This is my bedroom, just to give you a taste.”

“Every room had its own decoration style, some with Victorian-style couches and others, super modern. My ’bedroom’ is more of a day bed at the top of the main staircase but is oddly secluded, and thus, very inviting.”

“The entryway to an Airbnb we stayed at last week”

“The room I stayed at a couple of months ago had the sweetest cat.”

What stories about rented apartments or houses do you have? Please share them with us in the comments!

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