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20 People Who Got Bamboozled by an Unexpected Sight

Most of us strive to stay consistent with our routines. However, no matter how much we plan things out, life is a series of unexplained events and will always find a way to surprise us. We just need to keep an open mind and embrace the unpredictable with a smile, as the most charming sights are sometimes the ones we least expected to see.

We at Bright Side are entertained by unpredictable moments, and we collected 20 flabbergasting sights, proving that the universe still has a lot of surprises for us.

1. “My older sister, who was born 3 months early, just had a little boy 2 and a half months early.”

2. A preemie baby is so tiny, so the diapers are too.

3. “Was cleaning up the shop when I suddenly turned into a Borderlands character.”

4. “I was in the bathroom when I saw this monkey looking at me.”

5. “The street lights in Hershey, PA”

6. “Kids menu I saw today”

7. “My little brother is mad because he doesn’t want to help me clean.”

8. “I was watching TV with the wife and had to do a double-take.”

9. “I hope the rest of his day goes well.”

10. “I found a broken heart rock.”

11. “The amount of bugs in this one spiderweb.”

12. “I walked by this mold on a tree one day and it looked like a face. I went there another day and it looked like somebody added a tie.”

13. “This propane tank where I work was just painted to look like a watermelon.”

14. “I found this frightened-looking little fella during a hike!”

15. “I found this piece of wood at work. The rot looks like a rose.”

16. “My pizza got delivered with the pan.”

17. “Walking downtown and I saw a squirrel eating an ice cream.”

18. “Some young folks soaped the neighborhood fountain.”

19. “The hair in my shower looks like a chef about to serve dinner.”

20. “Crab in our backyard. We are a long way away from the ocean or any water.”

Which picture made you smile the most? Do you often encounter such astonishing sights? We’d love for you to share them with us in the comments.

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