20 People Who Had Enough Desire to Dream Up Goals and Get Them Done

Paying off a debt, weight loss, or building your own bike are goals that are very realistic, but they still take a lot of energy and will. The main thing is to have enough desire to take the first step and then, one day, your efforts will be rewarded.

We at Bright Side wish everyone luck when it comes to making their most sincere dreams come true and we want to share 20 people who will inspire you.

1. “The desire to improve my skating and fend off emerging foot problems led me to make changes to my diet. ”

2. 43 to 53. The decade I saved my life!

3. “I finally had my first job interview after getting downsized!”

4. “My friend asked, ’Who is that?’ Upon seeing my wedding pictures so I decided it was time for a new bridal picture.”

5. “My beautiful sister, living her dream as Belle in the national traveling tour of Beauty and the Beast.”

6. “I was able to shave off 2 more pounds and I’m now the lightest I have been since high school. The stairs are the best.”

7. “Without putting the work in, you never know the potential.”

8. “Just over 2 years, and finally paid off 63k in debt!”

9. “Down 200 lbs! Never thought I’d feel this good again.”

10. “10 years ago, today, I completed my goal of driving the entire Pan-American Highway. Dream achieved!”

11. “My mom meeting my 13-month-old for the first time! I have been dreaming of this moment for so long.”

12. “She drew a picture of her dream dress, and her grandma made it for her.”

13. “My grandparents just reached the United States for the first time. It’s been their whole life’s dream to be here.”

14. “Me at 30 vs 40. A lot can happen in 10 years.”

15. “The day I left the hospital with my son, I knew I needed to make a change.”

16. “Weight loss face change.”

17. “I built this ‘86 Raleigh from the frame up. I’m proud of myself for the first time in a long time!”

18. “6 years of lifting”

19. “Feeling like the best version of myself.”

20. “Never give up on yourself!”

What’s your biggest goal? Which goals have you already reached in your life?

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