7 Ways to Keep Your Face Slim and Toned at Home

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2 years ago

You’ve heard of the adage of always putting your best foot forward. But before you rush for a pedicure, literally, why not put your best face forward instead? As we age, the sensitive skin on our face ages the fastest, as do the other unclothed, uncovered parts of our body, like the neck, decollete, and hands. One way to keep your face toned and youthful is by strengthening the muscles underneath and losing extra fat.

Bright Side found these tried and tested methods to keep your face in good shape without having to undergo any invasive procedures. Here’s how to give your face a glow-up, naturally.

1. Gua sha stones

When we work or are under stress, we unconsciously tense our bodies and muscles. Since all our expressions come from our face, the muscles of the face tense up too, causing fine lines that can later develop into grooves. Lack of sleep, stress, and other factors can cause water retention and make the face look puffy and haggard.

The use of gua sha stones on your face, neck, and even parts of your shoulders and back, can fasten fluid drainage and reduce puffiness. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines too, as you gently scrape your skin with it in an upward motion, shown here.

2. Using your mouth

If you want to tone your facial muscles, they have to be used, like with any part of the body. Experts say that a double chin and a flabby jawline can happen because of poor posture, genetics, and obesity, among other reasons.

You can use your mouth to give your face a workout. Purse your lips into a whistle, but if you are working in a shared environment, don’t whistle lest your disturb others. Purse your lips like a fish, and then relax into an “O” shape of surprise. Stick your tongue out a few times. Work your lower jaw with your lips. And if all this is a bit too embarrassing to do in a public space, chew gum, but make sure it’s not loaded with sugar and calories.

3. The Kapol Shakti Vikasak kriya

In yoga, one of the lesser-known and practiced asanas is the “kapol shakti vikasak.” This kriya, in practice, does not just tone the face but is also considered good for your skin health, and it may help in reducing acne and pigmentation and delay wrinkles. You can follow the steps to do it, here.

4. Using a jade roller

Much like gua sha stones, a jade roller, when used right, can help in bettering circulation and decrease any puffiness on the face. Regular use can tone the muscles and better lymphatic drainage for a slimmer, glowing face.

The colder the jade roller, the more efficient it can be. Experts also advise you to apply serum or your preferred skin cream before using the roller, as this can improve absorption. Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to correctly use one.

5. Some basic exercises

While all experts agree that “spot toning” doesn’t really work, the more active your muscles are, the more toned your body, and the same goes for your face. While we need more studies to prove the efficacy of facial exercises, experts suggest doing them can cause no harm, even if the benefits still need to be proven.

The best way to exercise your face is to go through a series of intense expressions, best done in private or in front of a mirror. Doing them in public may get you some strange looks or snickers.

Here are some simple face exercises. Make sure to apply a moisturizer before you do in case you have dry skin.

1. Raise your face to the ceiling and alternatively purse your lips and open them wide in a silent scream, holding each for 5 seconds, repeating 10 times each.
2. Extend your lower jaw as much as possible until you feel the strain and hold for 5 seconds before relaxing. Repeat 5-10 times.
3. Blow up your cheeks and hold for 5 seconds, then stick your tongue out for another 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Here are more cool exercises for you to do.

6. A lifting face massage

A simple face massage, done with a plant-based oil or any serum or cream that you trust, can also work wonders in not just toning and slimming the face, but also preventing wrinkles.

A face massage can de-stress the muscles, get the blood flowing to give you a glow, and help in delaying the onset of wrinkles. Here’s a detailed video of how to give yourself the perfect face massage.

7. Skin tightening products

Skin tightening and plumping creams, serums, and face masks are another way to encourage a youthful glow and vitality of the face. While these alone cannot tackle a saggy double chin or droopy cheeks, they can partly help by firming up saggy skin.

Tretinoin, a derivative of vitamin A, has been showing maximum results in the same way, so skin products that contain it can help tighten and firm up loose skin.

Which tried and tested face slimming tips do you swear by? Have you found any of these tips to be effective? Share your beauty secrets with us.


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