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20+ People Who Hit the Jackpot Out of the Blue

The lucky characters featured in our compilation can easily brag about a time when reality far exceeded their expectations. Some of them were pleasantly surprised by strangers while others managed to create a culinary masterpiece — and some people got more than they ever expected. In any case, all that’s left for us to do is feel happy for them.

We at Bright Side strongly believe that we should always hope for the better.

It looks way better than the box.

“I mean, I can’t complain! It was loaded!”

“Grinch inspo on the left and my Grinterpretation in the right”

“What I asked for vs what I got — pretty happy with the results!”

The ice cream machine worked incredibly well that day.

It’s even better than in the picture!

“When your 3-year-old asks for a rainbow dinosaur donut party, you comply. I drew the design and had it made by a local baker.”

This baby Yoda looks so real.

“Shout out to good frozen pizza!”

Dr. Who cupcakes! Sent an independent baker the first pic not hoping for much (it was short notice) and nearly cried with joy when I got my order.”

“Dad’s cookies turned out just like the picture.”

“I tried to paint a plant pot inspired by my favorite movie.”

Ice cream that actually looks spot on

Reality can be way better than what was expected!

“Made a unicorn cake for my mom’s birthday. Considering how inexperienced I am with baking, I think it turned out pretty good!”

“I actually feel sorry about eating such a cute chocolate bunny.”

Try to spot 10 differences — we couldn’t.

“This was good for $1. Would definitely eat it again.”

“It was almost exactly like the picture, all the way down to the sprinkles.”

Expectation vs reality — a rare case of things looking exactly the same

We’d gladly eat this pizza too!

When you hit the real culinary jackpot:

Have you ever experienced reality trumping your expectations?

Preview photo credit zarishka / reddit