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20 People Who Know a Good Thing When They See It

A keen eye is needed when it comes to hunting for treasure — that is, finding truly unique and beautiful items for yourself and your home. Some people have been blessed with this gift and their findings are worth taking a look at.

Bright Side did like the Avengers and assembled this list of impressive items people have collected.

1. “Found my first piece of uranium glass in a thrift store in Swansboro, North Carolina.”

2. “It was either $4 for each pin or $15 for the whole set. Sold!”

3. “Found this cute little clutch at a Goodwill thrift store. For $3.99, you’d better believe it came home with me.”

4. “My $2 yard sale find! Already had the perfect plant for it too.”

5. “It was $30 for the dresser, $15 for some paint, and $25 for the legs and handles.”

6. “My boyfriend helped me pay for this seriously unique vintage lamp for my birthday.”

7. “These are socks I found at Goodwill. It’s my dog!”

8. “Look at this crazy purse I found at Goodwill, brand new for $5 bucks! It’s bendy and reflective!”

9. “My daughter and I found these vintage 1960s Christian Dior glasses in a hidden wall at my in-laws’ house.”

10. “I found this vintage Zenith TV on Facebook Marketplace. I’ve always wanted one to put a grow light and plants in.”

11. “I got this purse on Facebook Marketplace. The receiver plugs into my phone and I can use it to take phone calls.”

12. “This whole outfit was under $20!”

13. “My 1960s Lee West Alpha Egg Chair with speakers inside that still work perfectly along with the original ottoman and side table”

14. “I scored this great mirror for $2.”

15. “Never in my life did I ever think I would own something as beautiful as these opera glasses.”

16. “Watching Stranger Things and saw my thrift store mug.”

17. “My buddy found this in a pawn shop in Germany years ago and now it’s mine!”

18. “I found this bracelet at a thrift store. Since then, I’ve discovered that it’s from the late ’70s or early ’80s and it’s called a cloisonne bracelet.”

19. “Gold plated flatware set for $25 at Goodwill — they’ll be used every single day.”

20. “This glorious velvet headboard I scored for $30!”

What’s the most unique thing you own? Which of the items featured here would you like to have most? The comment section is waiting for you and so are we!