20 People Whose Bodies Are an Endless Source of Wonder

Sometimes, the world feels inspired when certain people are born, and that’s why some of us absolutely win the genetic lottery and grow up to look special. It could be a sixth finger, a mesmerizing eye, or a stunning birthmark — no matter what it is, it makes you look unique, which is something you should always be proud of.

Bright Side would like to show you 20 pictures that made us stare in awe.

1. “My hands after 20 minutes in the bath: the left one (paralyzed) has no wrinkles.”

2. “I only have one joint in my pinkies.”

3. “I‘ve been told my peace sign is unusually wide.”

4. “One of my adult teeth never came in...so I’m stuck with a forever-baby tooth.”

5. “The white streak in my hair — I’ve had it since I was a little girl.”

6. “I’m in my thirties and just realized I have uneven thumbs...”

7. “I have a triangle on my shoulder, no idea where it’s from.”

8. “My son and I have matching freckles in the same spot.”

9. “I have the number 21 in the colored part of my eye.”

10. “My significant other and I have congruent freckles on the palm and the back of the hand.”

11. “I have dermatographia and can write on my skin.”

12. “I have Hyperhidrosis, which means my hands and feet sweat a lot. This is how my hands usually look.”

13. “There are freckles in my eyes.”

14. “My eyes are 2 different shades of blue.”

15. “I have slightly webbed fingers.”

16. “I was born missing my right pinky and thumb.”

17. “I have 3 freckles that look like Orion’s Belt, so I tattooed the rest of the constellation.”

18. “I have a pair of moles that look like an eyebrow piercing.”

19. “My boyfriend has freckles on only half of his face, and I think it’s cool.”

20. “Our daughter has different colored eyelashes.”

Do you have anything that makes you genetically unique? We would love to see more of nature’s masterpieces!

Preview photo credit moki69 / reddit, Paulpr0 / reddit
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