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18 People Whose Crazy Luck Totally Left Us Hanging

Imagine almost dropping your car keys into the sewer, but getting saved or getting a free Business Class upgrade. While it may sound pretty unrealistic, some people out there were blessed with the greatest luck when they needed it the most and they shared their experiences with the world.

Bright Side found 18 stories about people who got so lucky, we wish we were them.

1. “My daughter was born at 1:14 west coast time, making it 10/11/12 13:14.”

2. “I was a little too lucky today (that’s a sewer and my car key).”

3. We were lucky enough to use the same truck for our wedding that my grandparents used in theirs 66 years ago.

4. My dad was flying, but the engine crashed. He was able to land in a field and nobody got hurt.

5. Best friends since the first day of kindergarten to our last year of college and living together.

6. My girlfriend and I got an upgrade to Business Class on an Emirates’ flight and got to travel like royalty.

7. My house has a view of the Empire State Building and... I’m a little bit obsessed.

8. “I was able to attend the World Premiere of Star Wars and got to take selfies with the entire cast.”

9. “Set a Guinness World Record by collecting 887 four-leaf clovers in 8 hours.”

10. Captured 4 generations of our family in one wonderful photo.

11. I found a picture of myself, dressed as a Samurai 111 years ago, in a museum.

12. “My new housemate and I discovered that her coasters match my mugs, (almost) perfectly.”

13. “Took a picture of my wife and her cow, we didn’t notice the awesome coincidence until later..”

14. Spotted this car on my way to work. It’s filled with nature.

15. “My grandpa still working to impress my granny after 59 years of marriage.”

16. “The ocean tide almost made it to my tent overnight.”

17. “Dropped my wife off at work and saw that she matched the building across the street.”

18. Spotted a super rare triple rainbow.

When was the last time you felt lucky? What made you feel that way?

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