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20 People Whose Discoveries Switched Their Brain to a Reset Mode

Our brain works just like a big computer. It processes information that it gets from our senses and then sends messages back to the body. But there are situations that can put even such a huge machine out of order. We’ve found people whose findings made them feel so emotional that their brain needed a total reboot after what they’ve seen.

Bright Side is so impressed with these unusual discoveries that we want to share them with you.

1. “My girlfriend’s MRI. I’m dating an evil.”

2. “I bet it still works.”

3. A tree with a magnificent pattern

4. “Girlfriend got me camo toilet paper, and I’m at a loss.”

5. “A coworker went to grab a jammed piece of paper in the printer. He ended up getting this.”

6. “For anyone that’s ever complained about there cat bothering them on the toilet.”

7. “Mom ‘accidentally’ broke my dad’s nightlight. He responded appropriately.”

8. “This huge foosball table”

9. “I accidentally caught the bouquet at my sister’s wedding. I turned as she threw it and it landed in my hand. I’m a man.”

10. “My ice cream came without the cone.”

11. “I found this huge beetle laying on his back in the driveway today.”

12. This leaf was chewed up into a nice and symmetrical design.

13. “Friend of mine put their toilet out by the road about a month ago. It reappeared yesterday with a message for them.”

14. The pattern in this watermelon looks magnificent.

15. “Found a bush in the shape of a car.”

16. “This stump with a face carved into it that I found on a random street in Rome”

17. Road workers played a game of tic-tac-toe here.

18. “I found this strange message on a banana yesterday.”

19. “There’s about 4-5 of these concrete shoes scattered around my town. Nobody knows who made them or why.”

20. This piece of cheese looks like marble.

Have you ever found any unusual things?

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