15 Hilarious Cats Who Behave Exactly Like Us at Work

2 years ago

Sometimes, animals behave almost exactly like us. They get angry when they don’t like something; they jump for joy when something good happens. The chances are that on more than one occasion you’ve seen a reflection of yourself in some of their furry little faces.

And no animal is more interesting — and hilarious — in this respect than the cat. Here are 15 of the most adorable cats who brilliantly mimic the way we behave at work.

That face when you start a new job and can’t remember anyone’s name

When your boss has a new favourite employee

When someone tells you the latest gossip

When your boss tells a really lame joke

When you realise that tomorrow is the weekend

When you get told your wages will come late

...and when you get them!

When you get that funny email from your friend about your boss

...and accidentally send it to them!

When you work really hard on a project but then it flops at the last hurdle

When everyone keeps coming to you with questions

When you’re too tired to work

When you know exactly who ate your lunch

Your reaction when you realise your boss is on holiday

When you just enjoy your weekend


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