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20 Photos That Can Awaken a Sleeping Optimist in All of Us

In a sometimes not-so-bright reality, we all strive to keep believing in wonders, which are, if you look closely, all around us. A story of a stranger who got surprisingly lucky, or a mother’s unconditional love for her child, or even a dog’s sincere excitement — just looking at such things can fill us with hope and optimism. In fact, they can even prolong our life a bit, as one study suggests.

We at Bright Side are passionate about making our reader’s lives as good as possible, so we carefully chose uplifting pictures from across the web to provide you with a big dose of positive vibes.

1. “My friend’s golden retriever has taken quite a liking to his feathered siblings.”

2. “Today is the anniversary of my wife’s passing and I spilled my water like this. She gave me a reminder that everything will be fine.”

3. “After 4 years of infertility and a very complicated pregnancy, our son was born this morning.”

4. “I married the woman of my dreams after fearing for years that she wasn’t out there.”

5. “This little boy pulled me away from the brink and for the first time in a long while, I feel complete.”

6. “I’ve struggled with depression my entire life. Riding on the beach with my wife today is the happiest I’ve felt in a very long time.”

7. “Our apartment building caught on fire and we couldn’t find our cat. Today, we returned to find our apartment intact and our baby alive.”

8. “My parents had divorced but just got remarried to each other.”

9. “A publisher found me on Reddit and liked my recipes. 2 years later, I picked up my copy of my debut cookbook.”

10. “We met soon after I lost a close friend. He’s supported me through all the emotional ups and downs ever since.”

11. “I beat anorexia and made it to my fifteenth birthday! I would post a recent one, but I’ve already eaten most of my tiramisu!”

12. “Got cancer and beat it, graduated from school, AND got early acceptance to a university to study medical science!”

13. “My wife is nearing the end of her pregnancy and Spencer knows that something is happening.”

14. “Yesterday I brought home a kitten found in a car engine. My dog has decided it’s now her kitten.”

15. “Jerry, who was found in a box with his siblings, was covered in oil and fleas. Now he’s 11 weeks old, healthy, and so lazy.”

16. “After some intense flooding on their property, my grandpa rescued his new 10-week-old best friend from the creek.”

17. “After months of depression, I finally finished cleaning my room. It may seem like a small accomplishment but I feel SO much better.”

18. “I donated my stem cells to someone who needs them. Knowing that I’m saving someone’s life makes me so happy!”

19. “The stray I adopted came with one little surprise...”

20. “I’ve been trying to pet this stray cat for over a year. Mission accomplished — and I love him!”

What was the last thing you saw that made you believe in positive wonders?

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