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20 Photos That Must Have Been Taken on Another Planet

Have you ever seen something so strange and surreal that you can't even begin to imagine what it could possibly be? Or maybe you've seen somebody doing something completely inexplicable and had to fight the urge to walk up and ask them what they were up to. Luckily, we live in a time where almost anything interesting gets captured by smartphone cameras so there's so much out there for you to see!

We at Bright Side want to show you what we have chosen from this category and we hope you enjoy it!

1. Is it a hand or a foot?

2. Found this weird blue fruit in our city market:

3. Is this a special design?

4. This looks like an alien cake:

5. I have an extraterrestrial growing in my backyard...

6. What a strange-looking fish...

7. Is it a tomato invaded by a strawberry?

8. Every girl's dream car

9. All pets need fresh air

10. Did this car get stung by bees?

11. That's quite a hairstyle!

12. How could this happen?

13. Apparently, it's a real jellyfish...

14. What a cute little door!

15. Not all cats are content with just sleeping and eating.

16. Where are they going?

17. And that's when he realized that he's not a cat...

18. Just as long as the floor doesn't get wet!

19. Life is full of uncertainties.

20. Neighborhood Watch switching shifts

Have you ever seen something that's just too strange for words? Post your photos in the comments!

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