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20+ Photos That Would Be Good Shots, but by “Accident” Turned Out to Be Masterpieces

Today, more than ever, we have the ability to capture moments that seem important to us, that are worthy of being remembered. Many times, without realizing it, we even capture that moment that we prefer to keep in oblivion. Because right afterward, everything turns into a disaster! Luckily, Reddit users didn’t delete their photos that were taken a second before the inevitable, because they really do look unique to us.

Bright Side brings you a collection of images that were captured by chance, which perfectly define the word “accident.”

1. “The one that got away”

2. This gull decided to be in the picture.

3. “At the exact moment the truck snapped the telecommunications line”

4. “Another spilled tea”

5. “I tried standing up my first time paddle boarding.”

6. “Taken just as the chair broke”

7. “I dropped my fish in the middle of the picture.”

8. Selfie attempt, ruined by a nosy donkey

9. “This is Aladin. This is my attempt at taking a selfie with him yesterday. He obviously wasn’t very amused.”

10. The chicken didn’t want to be in the picture.

11. The “perfect” selfie with your dog

12. “My friend’s scarf hit him in the face right when I took the picture.”

13. “I just tried to take a picture of a bird sitting there.”

14. “Our dog was so excited to find out it was dinner time!”

15. Phone dropping in 3, 2, 1...

16. “While on vacation in London, I took pictures of the birds and then realized there was another bird in one of them.”

17. “When my friend’s hat fell off”

18. “A friend of mine having a fun day out in the city”

19. “At that moment, life hit her hard...”

20. “Cheeky monkey”

21. “Capturing the moment just before the cake fell”

22. “I call this one the ’dog crash’ (no dogs were hurt in this photo... just Andy’s ego lol.)”

23. “My dad after being on a skim board for one second and just after proclaiming ’I’ll bet $20 I can stay on the board for a minute!’”

24. “A fishing osprey photobombed my dolphin shot.”

Do you want to share your “catastrophic” moment with the world? Maybe we could make another compilation like this one!

Preview photo credit itsmebigrc / Reddit