20 Pics That Can Make Your Inner Perfectionist Squeal With Delight

Reaching perfection is almost impossible, but sometimes luck comes our way. From happy accidents, like a can of Pepsi bursting in a freezer and creating a satisfying twirl, to gifts of nature, like a beautiful symmetrical flower; fortunately, some people are able to catch these rare moments on camera and share them with the world.

Bright Side is now serving you some perfection on a platter in the form of truly pleasing photos.

1. “My cat made an almost-perfect circle.”

2. “The petals of this camellia flower”

3. “How this frozen Diet Pepsi exploded in the freezer”

4. “The sky this morning looked like a rainbow gradient.”

5. “I saw the manhole cover put on the other way around, took a picture, and fixed it in Photoshop. Enjoy.”

6. “I made pizza dough.”

7. “This is the courtyard at the school my girlfriend teaches at. Those are cherry blossoms.”

8. “The way my truck and my lunch order were made for each other.”

9. “Had a pair of prescription lenses that fit perfectly in my mask. I could see all the fishies clearly!”

10. “My cake that I just popped out of the tin didn’t break at all. Feels good!”

11. “Someone went above and beyond at the supermarket.”

12. “A perfectly cooked marshmallow”

13. “My Sempervivum calcareum”

14. “Accidentally squeezed out the most perfect swirl of paint the other day.”

15. “A flower I found in Hawaii a few months ago”

16. “I found my new jar of peanut butter very satisfying.”

17. “Bought a bathroom scale and my weight is exactly the same as on the box.”

18. “Reorganizing my bookcases took about 4 hours, but I think it was worth it.”

19. “The pattern created by the snow melting on my deck”

20. “The way my cat’s fur lines up when he’s asleep”

How much of a perfectionist are you? Have you ever spotted something so flawless that you had to snap a photo of it? Leave your best stories and photos in the comments. You deserve the spotlight!

Preview photo credit ZappBrannigansLaw / Reddit
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