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20+ Pics That Show the World Is Still Full of Riddles

Working on puzzles can help your brain feel “10 years younger,” scientists claim. But sometimes, life dishes us things that can make our brain burst, twist, and then just end up asking, “Why?” Weird designs, strange behaviors, and comic coincidences — these can all make an average person feel like they’re solving a really intricate brain-teaser.

Here at Bright Side, we have collected 21 vivid examples of cases that people had to rack their brain to solve, and none of them are from a movie about Sherlock Holmes. We’d love for you to take a look at these real-life mysterious and comic happenings together with us.

1. “Fungi themed car interior.”

2. “This parking lot at my grandparents’ house”

3. “My wife gives people a shock when she turns around.”

4. “My wife picked their outfits today and she didn’t understand why I was laughing.”

5. “This Rubik’s Cube decoration that would be impossible to solve.”

6. “I would never be allowed to put this on the tree.”

7. “My son has been asking for a puppy for a long time, today I finally delivered. He is so excited that he still has no idea!”

8. “Middle school student accidentally gave my wife thong underwear.”

9. “Wife asked me to pick up tampons for her, this could be my last post.”

10. “Woke up and found my son sleeping like this.”

11. “She runs to Vader instead of a Disney princess.”

12. “Get your 3 sticks tied together at Target now! Only $10!”

13. “Here’s a picture of my son eating breakfast this morning.”

14. “On a morning countryside dog walk when I heard barking, couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until I looked up.”

15. “This dressing doesn’t have avocado, it suggests trying it with avocado.”

16. “He has learned how to open doors purely by observing us.”

17. “For some reason, my dress has fake pockets.”

18. “My friend couldn’t figure out why her foster cat kept coming home wet until...”

19. “Wife has been blaming me for not flushing the toilet.”

20. “Twice the fun with none of the mess!”

21. “After 20 min of kayaking, my wife feels a tickle by her foot...”

What was the occasion in your life that made you feel like you were solving a puzzle? How did it happen?

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