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20 Pics That Will Make You Long for a Cozy Blanket

Oh, the wonders of wintertime. Hot cocoa, Christmas just around the corner, and warm slippers are always pure joy. But for some people, winter is a synonym for countless pounds of snow, frozen everything, and inclement and depressing weather.

So grab your favorite blanket and let Bright Side guide you through an icy adventure.

1. “A sea weathered chunk of glacial ice made the perfect chair.”

2. “Teardrop froze on my eyelash.”

3. “Transparent tailgate after an ice storm”

4. No way out.

5. “When street signs shed their skin. This only happens in northern states during the winter.”

6. “Rolled down my window after an ice storm and found an ice window!”

7. “Just taking the trash out in Boston.”

8. We don’t know what impresses us the most: the snow on the car or the fact that this man is wearing shorts in this weather.

9. When you can hold a chunk of ice from a railing, maybe it’s time to go back inside.

10. Imagine how much snow has to fall for someone to be able to build an entire castle.

11. The strength of the roof of this cabin is quite impressive.

12. This bench doesn’t’ look like the best place to rest.

13. “An ice storm froze my still-blooming rose bushes.”

14. “I accidentally left my snow broom leaning on my car. When I drove away, it had frozen to the ground and stayed standing.”

15. “My pool this morning. It’s cold.”

16. “Welp, it’s too cold to play basketball...”

17. “Perfect time to find the weak spots in the insulation.”

18. This is Sweden’s snow in the summer. Just imagine what happens when it’s winter.

19. Don’t leave the fire hydrant open during the winter, this may happen.

20. “Just went to go pee in Siberia.”

What’s your favorite season of the year?

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