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20 Pictures That Will Make You Believe the Matrix Is Real and We’re Living in It

Some days, we’re just living our peaceful lives, when suddenly we have this sensation that something feels “off.” We might not always recognize the cause of this feeling, but it can be due to a really unusual object or situation that we come across, without paying much attention to the context, which makes it all seem weirder. Overall, these strange cases may end up being funny once we understand what is going on.

To show you some strangely funny situations, Bright Side prepared this list.

1. “Apparently there is a glow through the headlights if you grill when it’s dark.”

2. “Fish purse”

3. “Saw this dog in the parking lot.”

4. “Am I a joke to you?”

5. “These apple decorations have stems on both sides.”

6. “Snapped a picture of a rainbow at the perfect moment.”

7. “This castle extension on top of a regular suburban home”

8. Crooked railway in Istria

9. “The resort I stay at has a toilet stall made out of stone.”

10. “My ice cream looks like salmon.”

11. “Fireworks reflecting off my car”

12. “My cat is so lazy, a spider built a web between her ears.”

13. “Found my cat’s doppelgänger on a Safeway aisle AD!”

14. “I found a phone that is shaped like a ketchup bottle at a thrift store today.”

15. “I knit a hat out of plastic grocery bags.”

16. “This random blue door.”

17. “Good boi and his wheel cover.”

18. “Last year, while walking to work in the city, I saw a Barbie jeep.”

19. “I cut into a cantaloupe and the inside was square.”

20. “This cactus snaking out of its pot.”

Have you ever happened upon something that got you asking yourself: “Wait, what?”? What was it? We would love to know in the comments.

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